Frequently Asked Questions

What price can I get for my property?

This is where engaging with one of the Sheridan Real Estate sales consultants will be invaluable.  If you price your property too high you risk it being on the market too long and going stale.  If priced too low you could end up losing money.

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Choosing your sales consultant

Your home is one of your most valuable assets so it makes sense to choose a sales consultant who is qualified, knowledgeable and has strategies in place to market your home in the shortest timeframe for the best possible financial result.
Ask questions!  No question is silly.   Make sure that you feel comfortable with the sales consultant you choose.  Do they put you at ease, do they come across as being knowledgeable about the market, do they give you confidence that they can do an exceptional job and get great results for you?

How should I prepare my home for sale?

Here are the basics

  • Declutter
  • Repair
  • Stage
  • Photograph

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How long will it take for my property sell?

This is an important question.  Buyer interest is greatest in weeks 2 and 3 of your property being listed.  After this, interest falls away quite dramatically.  

Your chosen Sheridan Real Estate sales consultant will design a marketing programme that peaks during this prime period.

How important are open homes?

Open homes are a must!  They are one of the most effective ways of marketing a property and they attract interest from a wide variety of buyers.  A buyer is usually more relaxed at an open home vs private viewing as there are other people around and the sales consultant does not hover and leaves you be to explore the property.

Some advantages are:

  • You have plenty of time to make sure your property is spic and span and ready for inspection
  • You control the viewing times
  • They create plenty of activity
  • This activity can create urgency with buyers – great for you!
  • Your sales consultant’s time is put to effective use as they have a captive audience and can talk to a group of people about your property
  • Feedback from open home visitors ie price, presentation, appeal, gives you (a) room to improve (b) a reality check (or not) around price

Are auctions the best way to market a property?

While the advantages of an auction are numerous, they are not for everyone.  Your chosen Sheridan Real Estate sales consultant will discuss the various marketing options with you and provide their professional recommendation as to which method would suit your property.

 If you do choose to sell by auction here are the advantages:

  • You set the terms, conditions, and deadline
  • You agree on an undisclosed minimum reserve price and there is no pressure for you to sell if the property fetches a less than expected bid.  There is a possibility of getting a higher price if buyer interest promotes competition
  • You will attract only genuinely interested buyers, cashed up and ready to go.  There will be no “subject to” conditions.  You are also able to accept offers prior to going to auction

What is the difference between a general listing and an exclusive listing or sole agency?

An exclusive listing or sole agency provides you with one only sales consultant (or two if they are a team) to work with, meaning you are not having to deal with numerous consultants.   They take particular interest in you and your property and market it on your behalf exclusively.

An open listing is where different consultants from a variety of real estate companies are enlisted to sell your home.   This may sound great but in reality, can be confusing and frustrating.  There is lack of co-ordination, cohesion and focus and can be disruptive.  There is enough for you to deal with in the marketing of your home than having to deal with personality conflicts and bruised egos.  The focus should be on you!