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Hi, I’m Megan, from a farming family in the Tararua region. In the 1990’s I was employed by the Tararua District Council to work for Building Inspectors as a Technical Clerk, after a major earthquake had damaged many houses. Simultaneously in 1992, the Building Code was in the process of being updated, creating further paperwork.  Soon I worked for the General Inspector as well, assisting with the new swimming pool fencing legislation… also the Health Inspector, with new restrictions to upgrade the Health Inspection Dept.  This employment gave me a realistic grounding for Real Estate work and it planted a seed of thought that I would enjoy this work and enjoy helping home owners into their next investment.  

I have owned businesses and have strong negotiation skills and diplomacy; patience and determination to hold out for the price you need. I have also bought, renovated and sold two houses of my own, providing insight into the world of Real Estate from both sides of the process. It showed me what is needed from a Real Estate Agent. It is important to have someone on your side with knowledge of the process. 

I am here to be of service and support to you and to get the result you need.  

*Let’s do this together.* 

My Listings

A Gem in the Heart of Arapuni

2 Rabone Street, Arapuni

Recent Sales

90C Reservoir St, Putaruru


SOLD - Mar 2021

SOLD - Mar 2021

73B Arapuni Street, Putaruru



"Megan, we believe your insightful approach and natural enthusiasm towards our dreams and our home meant that you were able to convey your sincerity and sell our home. We had great communication & support. We are incredibly happy with the sale price."

- Hillary

"I found you to be very professional, warm & approachable. I appreciate the absence of the "sales pitch". Thank you for your "lightning fast" appraisal at such short notice... It was comprehensive and informative. Thankyou for complimenting our home."

- Tania

"I listed my house at 20 Ruru Crescent, Putaruru for sale and at the same time put in an offer to buy 42 Marchant Street, Putaruru. The agent handling both transactions was Megan Kerkham.

In al my years of buying and selling property I have never met an agent like Megan. 

I can truly say she has been the only agent who was truly interested in me as a person not as a commission.

All agent with whom I have dealt in the past just saw me as a means to an end - a commission income. 

Megan sincerely wanted the very best outcome for me both in the sale of my home and the purchase of the other property and she worked tirelessly to that end.

Nearly all past agents have been fawning in dealing with me displaying an exuberant, friendly demeanour in order to get a sale, it was easy to see the lack of sincerity.

Megan wasn't at all like this. In fact, she was quietly spoken but her sincerity shone through and that was so refreshingly appealing. Your company has a treasure in Megan."

- Ken

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